Korea's favorite snack that all ages loves
Tastes great, sounds great!
Kokkal Corn



Grilled corn(taste)


Spicy sweet(taste)


sweet corn(taste)

How many Kokkal Corns to the moon?
First introduced in 1983 The new authentic American-style snack Kokkal Corn In 1984,
a year after its release, it recorded explosive sales of 6.6 billion won at the time,
It has been shown that consumers' preference for favorite foods is changing.In 2015,
it built a golden tower with the cumulative sales amount exceeding 1 trillion won.
There are countless longevity products in the confectionery market, Products that sold over 1 trillion won are hard to find.

Design History
  • 2022
    2022년 꼬깔콘
  • 2020
    2020년 꼬깔콘
  • 2012
    2012년 꼬깔콘
  • 2004
    2004년 꼬깔콘
  • 2000
    2000년 꼬깔콘
  • 1983
    1983년 꼬깔콘